October 31, 2007

Religious Hatred

25% of mosques stock hate filled books including some of "the best-funded and most dynamic institutions in Muslim Britain - some of which are held up as mainstream bodies." Places recognised and visited by politicians and members of the royal family because of their status. However I would not seek to censor what they sell. That these works of violent fiction (much like the Koran itself) obviously find a market amongst many of those that have also chosen to believe in Islam tells us something the violent and hate filled nature of Islam. This is not the misuse or abuse of Islam. This is Islam. This is the reason that Islam managed to crawl to the top of the shit heap as the world's number one most violent religion, despite all the strong competition. What is needed is to challenge the hate filled cults of the world. To stand up to their threats and violence. To show them while their private views will be tolerated violence and intimidation will not. Rather than the fawning obsequiously as is all too often seen instead.


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